Newton and the Apple Tree FAQ

Q: What operating systems will be supported?

A: At the moment, only Windows will be supported.

Q: Is the physical version 18+?

A: The physical version is all-ages. You will be able to change that in BackerKit for no charge, however, please make sure that the laws in your area allow you to legally import it.

Q: Is the 18+ version censored, mosaics or otherwise?

A: No, the 18+ version will be completely uncensored!

Q: How soon will the 18+ patch be released? How much will it cost?

A: The patch will be released alongside the game and will be provided at no additional cost. Please note that this patch will only be available outside of Japan and will be incompatible with the Japanese version of the game.

Q: What will be included in the Collector’s Edition?

A: The Collector’s Edition will include physical copies of the game, soundtrack, and artbook, and will be packaged in a special box (design TBD).

Q: Will the light novels be offered physically, digitally, or both? How do I get them?

A: The light novels will be offered physically as well as digitally. Backers who got The Laws of Inertia tier or above will get the digital versions free of charge, while the physical versions will be offered as add-ons via BackerKit.