BLEND・S Vol. 1

Manga ·
Original title: ブレンド・S 1
Release date: To be announced
In series BLEND・S

By Miyuki Nakayama
Localization staff:
Alexandra Owen-Burns (Translation)
Adam Haffen (Editing)
Christopher Mendoza (Lettering/Retouch)
Dizzy Valiel (Proofreading)
Victoria Vetter (Proofreading)
Dan "Macaran" (Cover Design)
David Prileszky (Production Manager)
Slice of Life


While looking for a part-time job, Sakuranomiya Maika finds herself hired by a café where each waitress plays a different character type. She's got a pretty scary look in her eyes, so for her role, she's asked to play a sadist. As it turns out—and much to her surprise—she's actually quite good at it! Just what sorts of strange, fun situations await her at her new post? Find out in BLEND・S!

©Miyuki Nakayama

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