Redefining the META at VRMMO Academy Vol. 3

Light Novel ·
Original title: VRMMO学園で楽しい魔改造のススメ 3
Release date: August 17th, 2020

By Hayaken, Hika Akita
Localization staff:
Benjamin Daughety (Translation)
teiko (Editing)
Brandon Imber (Typesetting)
Dizzy Valiel (Proofreading)
Victoria Vetter (Proofreading)
Marie "Kid" H. (Media Production)
Avelina Kyriacou (Media Production)
Adam Haffen (Production Manager)


From springing a hidden quest to raising a hero, we're teeming with big events!
The four-man guild known as Hell's Crafters has finally opened up their item shop. It's been a big hit, and now Ren and his friends are the top-earning guildies in all of Unlimited World! But one day, a princess NPC visiting their shop gets kidnapped and triggers a hidden quest! Hell's Crafters jump to crack the case—and get two unexpected additions to the party along the way! In the ensuing competitive guild mission to train a hero, they boldly choose the weakest NPC to redefine yet another meta!
It's the third volume of the super-popular VRMMO battle fantasy. Don't miss the magnificent battle where sword dancers unite!