Redefining the META at VRMMO Academy Vol. 2

Light Novel ·
Original title: VRMMO学園で楽しい魔改造のススメ 2
Release date: June 15th, 2020

By Hayaken, Hika Akita
Localization staff:
Benjamin Daughety (Translation)
teiko (Editing)
Brandon Imber (Typesetting)
Dizzy Valiel (Proofreading)
Victoria Vetter (Proofreading)
Marie "Kid" H. (Media Production)
Avelina Kyriacou (Media Production)
Matthew Carolan (Production Manager)


Turning the meta on its head, even in a PvP tournament!
Ren has established a guild for himself and three beautiful girls, one of them being Akira, his gamer friend from middle school. Just as they’re about to get things up and running, another one of his gamer friends drops a bomb on him: she, Yukino Yamamura, is an upperclassman at their very same school!
Yukino, an avid lover of PvP combat, invites Ren and Akira to join a battle tournament hosted by her guild, Mystic Arts.
“Let’s do this thing, Ren!”
“Yeah! Three... two... one...!”
Even against throngs of powerful foes, Ren’s advance never ends!