Love Among the Sunflowers

Visual Novel ·
Original title: ヒマワリと恋の記憶
Release date: To be announced

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This product is currently being translated.
Translation: 68%
Editing: 68%
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Playing with friends outside, giving your all to follow your dreams, and falling in love. These are just three of many things that can happen during your youth... which can only be experienced once in a lifetime.

Our protagonist, one of the many students enrolled at Ishigami Academy, passes his days in an idle haze. Although he wants to change, he lacks the motivation he needs to take the first step.

In our story, he meets several girls, each with her own quirks and troubles:

Tsukinoura Ai, who calls herself a "delinquent";
Oginohama Akane, who is attracted to those who shine the brightest;
Hebita Shiori, who is looking for ghosts;
and last but not least, his childhood friend, Mizuoshi Kana, who wants to get along with the protagonist and their mutual friend the same way they did in the past.

As time flows on, the protagonist spends his youthful days alongside these girls. But how will they come to realize that the things you do when you're young can never be redone?