Choose Your Mistress

Visual Novel ·
Original title: 執事が姫を選ぶとき
Release date: To be announced

By PeasSoft
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Editing: 10%
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Naoya Tsubaki is the latest in a family of super butlers that stretches back for generations. He soon arrives at Katsuranomiya Academy, an etiquette school for only the richest and most powerful ladies. It is here he plans to finish his training.
While at the academy, he encounters the Cinq Roses, a group of five ladies who have achieved celebrity status for being the true crème de la crème among the elites.
First is the Rose Princess of Steel, Amelia Rose Brettingham, crown princess of an influential European country and the very embodiment of perfection.
Second is the Rose Princess of Whimsy, Yura Ichijouji, sole daughter of the president of Japan's wealthiest financial group and a lover of mischief.
Third is the Rose Princess of Doctrine, Veronica Reubenstadt, devout Christian, daughter to the archbishop, and deathly afraid of men.
Fourth is the Rose Princess of Grace, Maki Gold Wienberg, daughter of Hollywood's biggest actress and devoted to her practice of martial arts.
Fifth is the Rose Princess of the Heavens, Saya Katsuranomiya, daughter of the academy's director and Naoya's earnest childhood friend.
These girls will settle for nothing but the best, which means they all want Naoya as their own personal butler! And what's more? Each one of them is a closeted sadist or masochist!
Which mistress will YOU choose to serve?!