How to Treat a Lady Knight Right Vol. 1

Manga ·
Original title: 今まで一度も女扱いされたことがない女騎士を女扱いする漫画
Release date: July 6th, 2019

By Kengo Matsumoto
Localization staff:
Garrison Denim (Translation)
Christopher Mendoza (Typesetting)
Joshua Howard (Typesetting)
Vasileios Mousikidis (Typesetting)
Ruth Barnett (Proofreading)
Simon Engmann (Proofreading)
Marie "Kid" H. (Media Production)
Michael Valdez (Production Manager)


Leo Cornelia, also known as the Undefeatable Holy Blade, is hailed as the strongest knight in all the land. It's precisely this strength that has barred anyone from treating her like a proper woman before⁠—that is, until sorcerer Houli Dent comes along! He professes his love to Leo out of the blue, but how will she handle being treated like a lady for the first time in her entire life?