Battle Divas Vol. 3: The Unyielding Twin Blossom Princess

Light Novel ·
Original title: 戦華の舞姫〈参〉 双華ノ姫君ハ糾ワナイ
Release date: May 17th, 2019
In series Battle Divas

By Kouka Kishine, Nekonabeao
Localization staff:
David Prileszky (Translation)
Adam Haffen (Editing)


Right after their battle with Eshantel, Al got word of two unexpected visitors. The first is none other than Luna: his old friend, and first love. Their happy reunion is met with some not so happy glares from the other Divas and would-be brides.
His second visitor, however, is a much less pleasant surprise. As Ranbolg, the second in line for the Freiyan throne enters Althos' throne room a suffocating pressure envelopes the group. That pressure only grows as his goal becomes apparent: "Sharon. Come back to Freiya and marry me."
Now it's up to Sharon to choose her fate...

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