Redefining the META at VRMMO Academy Vol. 1

Light Novel ·
Original title: VRMMO学園で楽しい魔改造のススメ
Release date: April 26th, 2019

By Hayaken, Hika Akita
Localization staff:
Benjamin Daughety (Translation)
Gerald Hiltz (Editing)
Brandon Imber (Typesetting)
Dizzy Valiel (Quality Assurance)
Ruth Barnett (Quality Assurance)
Marie "Kid" H. (Media Production)
Avelina Kyriacou (Media Production)
Matthew Carolan (Production Manager)


Nothing like a bit of modding to change the weakest class in a VRMMO into the strongest!
Our game-loving protagonist, Ren Takashiro, enjoys nothing more than taking the weakest classes and wimpiest skills, only to flip their inadequacies on their heads! After hearing from his MMO buddy about a special school that provides lessons in VRMMO games, he decides to enroll. Like second nature to him, he quickly picks the so-called weakest job, symbologist. Just as he’s setting about transforming it into the strongest class known to mankind, a girl walks in…
“Wait, you’re Akira? You’re a girl?!”
“Uh, yeah?”
Thus, his new gaming life with his long-time, beautiful friend begins!