Redefining the META at VRMMO Academy Vol. 4

Light Novel ·
Original title: VRMMO学園で楽しい魔改造のススメ 4
Release date: July 19th, 2021

By Hayaken, Hika Akita
Localization staff:
Benjamin Daughety (Translation)
teiko (Editing)
Brandon Imber (Typesetting)
Dizzy Valiel (Proofreading)
Victoria Vetter (Proofreading)
Dan "Macaran" (Media Production)
Adam Haffen (Production Manager)


At long last, the weakest hero candidate awakens his true power!
Last we saw Ren and the gang, they had prepared to power-level the cowardly Kokoru, only to find that all the good grinding spots were taken! This time around, Hell's Crafters gains access to a brand-new airship thanks to Kotomi and her amazing brain. With this secret weapon, they find a revolutionary new way to grind! To top it all off, Ren's passion for data finally bears fruit when he uncovers a repeatable trick to summon a Golden Bunny, the king of experience points!