Light Novels

Why Shouldn’t a Detestable Demon Lord Fall in Love?!

Light Novel ·
By Nekomata Nuko | Illustration: Teffish ·
Release date: January 1st, 2100
This is the story of a detestable demon lord and his wonderful new wife, a destitute damsel!

Our demon lord, Anima, is the strongest in all the world, feared by the denizens of the realm. He’s forced to spend his days in solitude until, completely out of the blue, he gets summoned to another world! The one who summons him is none other than …

Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for my Retirement (Novel)

Light Novel ·
Release date: March 4th, 2019
Unreleased · Translation progress: 0%
Mitsuha Yamano falls off a cliff, at which point she finds herself transported to some sort of medieval European fantasy world! While there, during a battle with some wolves that almost costs her her life, she realizes that she has the ability to come and go between Earth and this new world. Mitsuha decides to use this ability as much as she can. …

Battle Divas: The Incorruptible Battle Blossom Princess

Light Novel ·
By Kouka Kishine, Nekonabeao ·
Release date: April 30th, 2018
Once upon a time, our world was blessed by the Valkyrie, a goddess of war whose fleeting beauty shone brilliantly on the battlefield. Her campaign against the wretched Demon King proved victorious, with the evil being sealed away by the beautiful warrior.

Many years later, the young King Alnoa has just returned home after staving off another …

Strongest Gamer: Let’s Play in Another World, Vol. 1

Light Novel ·
By Yuki Shinobu, Itsuwa Katou ·
Release date: April 30th, 2018
“I-Isn’t this a little too hardcore!?”

Kousaka Aoi is a young, avid gamer well-versed in all types of gaming. Down on his luck, he comes upon a suspicious job offer looking for those "proficient in games."

Things were looking up, but before he knew it... he's thrown into another world! And now finds himself stuck at the bottom of a ravine …