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Community Manager

We’re looking for someone to come help manage our community! This includes social media (Facebook, Discord, Twitter, etc.), and organizing events!

Commitment: An average of 5-10 hours/week, primarily weekday/daytime hours
Compensation: Negotiable on an hourly or monthly contract basis
This position is on a contract basis and is not an ongoing employee position

Routine Tasks:

  • Compile and construct a weekly posts regarding progress updates of games.
  • Plan social media activities and events for the following weeks.
  • Plan and create graphics to promote activities, products, and events.
  • Engage with the community both online and offline.

Recommended Backgrounds:

  • Knowledge of social media and creating structured promotional plans.
  • Knowledge of Photoshop, illustrator, and/or other graphical design programs.
  • Previous interaction with fans of Anime, Manga, and Light Novels on a business and social level
  • Knowledge of PowerPoint

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