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Translator (JP -> CN)

Sol Press, LLC. is looking for Japanese to Chinese (Simplified Chinese) translators for future projects that have not yet been announced.


  • Prior Japanese to Chinese translation experience, preferably visual novels, light novels, or manga.
  • Fluent speaking and writing ability for both the Japanese and Chinese languages.
  • The ability to work efficiently and effectively with a designated partner.
  • Ability to meet deadlines and strong time-management skills.


Sol Press,LLC。 正在为未来尚未公布的项目寻找日语到中文(简体中文)翻译。


  • 之前的日语到中文翻译经验,最好是视觉小说,轻小说或漫画。
  • 流利的日语和汉语口语和写作能力。
  • 与指定合作伙伴高效率地工作的能力。
  • 能够满足最后期限和强大的时间管理技能。

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