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3 years ago (Apr 11th, 2018) by Xeviax

New Licenses along with a New Website!

We’ve made a new website!

While we did receive plenty of compliments on the old site, we noticed that we weren’t providing as much information as we wanted to. We decided that we wanted to provide more updates and make it as easy as possible to access as much information as we can provide.

Major Changes:

  • Every project page has progress reports.
  • Each project links to other titles in the series.
  • Progress reports have sections for progress notes, where we’ll provide the most up-to-date development information from Sol Press.
  • Announcements and Posts
    • Every project manager at Sol Press receives an account to post weekly project updates. You’ll be able to check in daily to see weekly updates on each individual project. Once a week, we’ll compile every project update and send them out to everyone on our email list. If you haven’t already, please be sure to subscribe to our newsletter!
  • Updated Jobs Page
    • We’ve updated the Jobs page to better display what we’re looking for, and what field that specific job is related to. Please check it out!


New Titles

Light Novels

Strongest Gamer: Let’s Play in Another World

Available on Digital April 30th

Check out the project page!


“I-Isn’t this a little too hardcore!?”

Kousaka Aoi is a young, avid gamer well-versed in all types of gaming. Down on his luck, he comes upon a suspicious job offer looking for those “proficient in games.”

Things were looking up, but before he knew it… he’s thrown into another world! And now finds himself stuck at the bottom of a ravine with nothing but a pickaxe and shovel.

At a loss of what to do, he slowly learns he can make a living in this by trading items he can craft. What other possibilities are there in this new ever-expanding, game-like world our protagonist finds himself in!?

“If that’s how it is, then I guess it’s time to use all the knowledge I’ve gained from games, and let my gaming spirit shine!”

Let’s get to writing a strategy guide! I may be stuck in another world, but I’ll do my best to make the most of it!


Battle Divas: The Incorruptible Battle Blossom Princess

Available on Digital April 30th

Check out the project page!


Once upon a time, our world was blessed by the Valkyrie, a goddess of war whose fleeting beauty shone brilliantly on the battlefield. Her campaign against the wretched Demon King proved victorious, with the evil being sealed away by the beautiful warrior.Many years later, the young King Alnoa has just returned home after staving off another invasion of his homeland. Before he can even change out of his battle attire, his sister Cecilia comes to him with startling news: Sharon and Lesfina, both princesses and Divas blessed with the power of the Valkyrie, seek his hand in marriage.Alnoa isn’t fond of the idea, but his feelings mean little in the face of politics. He arranges to meet them one month apart and will choose one to be his bride, ushering in a new era for his kingdom.Now it’s time for our young king to meet the first candidate. He awaits her at the castle gates… But wait! Both candidates showed up at the same time!?


Visual Novels


Target release date: July 27th

Check out the project page!

A quest in search of our school memories.

At the end of summer break, our school closed down. On our last day together, we put our true feelings inside a time capsule, and promised to meet again in three years. The promised summer came. With it came things that did and did not change between us. The quest in search of our school memories has begun.

What kind of smile will they have once we meet again?

We’ve been working behind the scenes on producing the English localization of Yotsunoha. The current localization progress is as follows:


  • Common Route: 100%
  • Iori: 100%
  • Matsuri: 100%


  • Common Route: 100%
  • Iori: 100%