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a year ago (Jun 30th, 2020) by Tsmalls

Sol Press Project Roundup – 6/30/2020

Hello everyone. Hope you are all staying safe during COVID-19! Today, we have an update post on some much awaited titles.


Visual Novels:
Irotoridori no Sekai:

  • 100% translated, 90% edited


  • 100% translated, 22% edited
  • Editing percentage went down slightly after some number recalculation

Love Among the Sunflowers:

  • 68% translated, 68% edited
  • The translator is in the process of being replaced after abruptly leaving the project


  • 100% translated, 61.5% edited

Laplacian Projects:

Light Novels:

Chivalry of a Failed Knight:

  • Volume 4 being released on July 6th

Why Shouldn’t a Detestable Demon Lord Fall in Love?!:

  • Volume 3 being released on July 20th

Redefining the META at VRMMO Academy:

  • Volume 3 being released on August 17th

No manga updates to give at this time.

General Info:

  • We have ordered a large round of print proofs and expect to begin printing physical books in full within the next few weeks
  • We plan to resume production on Kickstarter items as soon as it’s safe to do so in accordance with COVID-19 regulations

If you don’t see a project listed on here, please rest assured that it’s in the works. If we haven’t updated your favorite project, that simply means we don’t have any updates to give at this time. We’ll update all our projects as updates come in, so keep your eyes peeled!