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7 months ago (Apr 29th, 2020) by Tsmalls

PSA: Corona Virus and Onii-Kiss Patch

Boy it sure has been a while.

Hello everyone! We wanted to post a quick PSA to let you all know that physical production and shipping is at a halt. COVID-19 has affected California and prevents us from shipping and producing our physical products. We will update all of you as new information becomes available to us. In the mean time, you can still purchase our products digitally through our store and our partners!

We also have a small patch for Onii-Kiss. The issue making the harem route impossible to complete when not using the kissing game has been resolved and was available for a few months now. It can be downloaded by following the link below!

Onii-Kiss 2.02 Patch:

We will have a bigger blog post coming out soon.