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a year ago (Jul 20th, 2019) by tbac

A Statement Regarding Mosaics in My Fair Princess and Choose Your Mistress

As you may be aware, the release date for My Fair Princess is drawing near. It’s scheduled for next month, assuming we don’t run into any difficulties during the submission process with our partner stores. Sadly, while we previously announced the removal of mosaics present in the Japanese release, it has recently become clear that this will not in fact be possible. The physical storage these demosaiced files were located on has become damaged, and no other back ups are known to exist at this time.

We know that this will disappoint some of our fans, and we are equally disappointed that we are unable to provide you what we promised. Unfortunately the only option left available to us would be to get the area under the mosaics completely redrawn, and this would be prohibitively expensive. If at some point these demosaiced files do become available to us, we assure you that we will issue an update.

Regardless, we hope that you’re all still looking forward to the upcoming release of My Fair Princess, and we can’t wait to share the game with you. The game will be released with the exact same content as it had in Japan in certain stores, with a restoration patch available where changes have been required by the store.

Thank you for your continued support.


Sol Press COO