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a year ago (Apr 4th, 2019) by tbac

Sol Press Weekly Roundup 04/04/2019 – Includes release dates for Strongest Gamer’s and Battle Divas’ second volumes!

Exciting week this week! Lots of progress on a variety of projects, and we finally have release dates for Strongest Gamer: Let’s Play in Another World and Battle Divas Volume 2. Apologies again that it’s taken so long for us to get these out, but we’ve learned a lot of lessons and delays of this length shouldn’t happen again.


Visual Novels:

Under One Wing:

My Fair Princess:

  • Translation & Editing complete!
  • QA Build under construction

Choose Your Mistress:

  • Translation 30%, Editing 11%

Onii Kiss: Onii-chan, Where’s my Kiss?:

  • Translation 72%, Editing 71%

Irotoridori no Sekai:


  • Work started! I just don’t have the numbers on hand.

Work on Future Radio and Love Among the Sunflowers to start soon.

Light Novels:

Strongest Gamer Volume 2:

Battle Divas Volume 2:

Why Shouldn’t a Detestable Demon Lord Fall in Love?!:

  • Translation and Editing in progress

Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for my Retirement

  • Translation and Editing complete! Typesetting starting.

Redefining the Meta at VRMMO Academy

  • Translation and Editing complete! Typesetting in progress.
  • Check out the product page!


Harem Royale ~When the Game Ends~:

  • Volume 1 out now! Amazon Google
  • Awaiting assets for Volume 2.

Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for my Retirement:

  • Volume 1 out now! Amazon Google
  • Translation and Editing for Volume 2 complete!
  • Awaiting assets for typesetting.

Additionally we have 2x secret projects at 100% TL! I wonder what they could be…