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2 years ago (Nov 9th, 2018) by tbac

Kumoricon Announcements Roundup!

Hey everyone! You may have noticed that we announced a lot of new licenses at Kumoricon! We’ve collected them all up in this blog post for anyone who may have missed them! Before we get into the announcements, we’d just like to thank everyone who came to our panels, watched the streams on Periscope, and interacted with us on Twitter over the weekend. The community engagement has far exceeded our expectations, and we’re glad you’re all as excited about our announcements as we are!

PS: Sorry this took so long to get out, I went on holiday straight after the con! — TBAC

Light Novels

Strongest Gamer: Let’s Play in Another World Volume 2


In his ongoing quest to protect everything he holds dear, his next trial will be… training up a female knight?

When we first met him, Aoi Kousaka, gamer extraordinaire, was ensnared by a duplicitous wanted ad and thrown into another world, where he became the overlord of a labyrinth.

Today, a new challenge is thrust upon him. If he wants to keep his labyrinth, he’s going to have to find a big bad boss for it, and the only one strong enough to hold that title is the same knight he took prisoner when her unit attacked Milt.

As if that wasn’t enough, he also has to build a labyrinth from the ground up so it can withstand a horde of intruders, but he’s only got six months to do it. Talk about hard mode! But our plucky hero wouldn’t have it any other way. Every true gamer knows that hard mode is where the fun begins!

Will our labyrinth manager finish his knight raising simulator and come out on top? Find out for yourself, in Strongest Gamer volume 2!

Battle Divas: The Unshakable Winter Blossom Princess


A few days have passed since Althos’ battle with the Empire. In that time, Althos’ intelligence network has been hard at work monitoring the Empire’s and Eshantel’s every move.
With them on the lookout, Alnoa holes himself up in his late father’s chamber to learn more about the Demon King. With no leads to go on, however, he has to resort to asking Lilicia, who’s willing to talk, albeit under some… steamy circumstances.
She reveals that in order to keep it subdued, Al will need the cooperation of all seven Divas. To make matters worse, if he doesn’t perform Heavenly Surge with each of them, the seal will break and the Demon King will be released!
Follow Al on his quest to perform Heavenly Surge with Feena, the only candidate within his reach, before time runs out!

Why Shouldn’t a Detestable Demon Lord Fall in Love?!

This is the story of a detestable demon lord and his wonderful new wife, a destitute damsel!
Our demon lord, Anima, is the strongest in all the world, feared by the denizens of the realm. He’s forced to spend his days in solitude until, completely out of the blue, he gets summoned to another world! The one who summons him is none other than Ruina, an exceedingly poor girl who runs an orphanage. The two of them quickly fall in love, with Anima swearing to use his power to protect his newfound family!

Redefining the Meta at VRMMO Academy

Nothing like abusing the mechanics to make the weakest class in a VRMMO into the strongest!

Takashiro Ren enjoys nothing more than using the weakest classes and the wimpiest skills, only to flip their inadequacies on their heads! After hearing from his MMO buddy, Akira, about a special school that provides lessons in VRMMO games, he decides to enroll. The moment he arrives, he picks the weakest job, Symbologist. But just as he’s getting ready to transform it into the strongest class known to mankind, a beautiful girl walks in…
“Wait, you’re Akira? You’re a girl?!”
“Uh, yeah?”
Thus, his new gaming life with his long-time friend begins!

Visual Novels

Irotoridori no Sekai (Working Title)

Kanoue Yuuma is a magician.
A magician with the ability to heal a person’s wounds, no matter what they may be, at the cost of his own memories.
This story takes place in the remote seaside town of Kazatsugahama, in a weird, wonderful student dorm known as the Arashiyama Manor.
Down in the basement is a link to another world. A vibrant, multicolored world…

For all the oddities surrounding this young man, he spends his life peacefully, almost as if it were a dream.

Until one day, it all changed.
Under a full, glistening orange moon, a girl came down from the sky.

“Please, Mr. Magician. Won’t you help me?”

Under One Wing

<<Fairy Fight>>
A large-scale dogfight, utilizing the finest warplanes the world has ever known.
Our main character, Sasaki Junichi, is the grandson of the legendary FF Pilot. He comes to Shouou Academy, which once reigned supreme as a school of Fairy Fight Champions.
Traveling in the exalted Shinden, he arrives at the student dormitory known as Tsubasa Dorms, only to find… every other tenant is a woman!!

Hirosawa Hikari is drop-dead gorgeous! Too bad she also happens to be the world’s cutest encyclopedia of useless plane knowledge.
Big surprises for our boy, Junichi — Sasaki Kazusa shares the same last name AND the same bedroom with him now! She’s a bit of an airhead with some nasty sleeping habits.
Jinno Nahoko is the sophisticated student council president with a handle on everything (and I MEAN everything) that happens around the school.
And Matsumoto Mimari, the mystery girl who paid for an entire plane in a single payment on her card.

All of these team and decide to compete in a Fairy Fight.
What kind of crazy storm can a renegade team of mismatches create in the esteemed world of FF Champions?!

The Future Radio & the Artificial Pigeons

July 10, 2061, Sunday. City: Nariyama. Prefecture: Chiba.
Yamanashi Sora redevelops the radio while tinkering with some components.
“…Just in time.”
That day marked the fifteenth year since the artificial pigeons started consuming electromagnetic waves.
Sora began broadcasting with the radio left to him by his father.
The next day, after his first rocky broadcast, a mysterious message is picked up by the radio.
“This is a follow-up report on the Firmament’s fall on August 1st. The death of a civilian named Yamanashi Sora has been confirmed at the former site of Terminal 1. A number of injured people has also been confirmed in Nariyama’s International Sky Academy.”
It’s a radio broadcast from the future.
“I’ll… die in three weeks…?”
After listening to the ominous broadcast, Sora steps into the terminal for the first time in fifteen years.
It was the former gateway to Japan, the same place where Sora lost his parents.
The building was in ruins, a shadow of its former glory, now a nest to countless artificial pigeons.
There, Sora meets a silver-haired maiden.
She looks straight at Sora, gently brushing a still artificial pigeon’s head with her finger.
“…You won’t die.”
The girl says calmly while Sora stands dumbfounded.
“Because I have decided so.”
“Because I want you to…. look up at the sky and smile, Sora.”
This is how Yamanashi Sora and Hazuki Kaguya met.

Love Among the Sunflowers

You’re only young once.
Most people hang out with friends, chase their dreams, fall in love…
But our second-year protagonist is currently spending his youth doing nothing.

He wants something to change. But for that, he’d need to actually do something.
That’s when he happens to meet four girls, each with their own individual problems.

Tsukinoura Ai, who calls herself a delinquent; Oginohama Akane, who yearns for the spotlight; Hebita Shiori, who’s hunting for ghosts; Mizuoshi Kana, who wishes to reconcile with her friends.

Our protagonist ends up spending a very special part of his youth with these girls.
A youth so special he wouldn’t trade it for the world.

My Fair Princess

Satoshi Kanamori attends the world-renowned Ryokufuuin Academy as a scholarship student. Thanks to his scholarship, he doesn’t have to worry about the tuition–a critical concern for the eldest son of a poor family of six (and a sheep). Despite that, Hitomi Miyazono, a cute underclassman who adores him with everything she’s got, Ayame Enatsu, his trusty aid willing to lend an ear to all his troubles, and the seemingly blunt and abusive Rin Washio, his closest friends, have no idea about his financial situation.

The weight of attending such a prestigious school sometimes becomes unbearable, but he’s enjoying his busy student life at this glamorous establishment. One day, however, Kana Takamine, the school’s biggest celebrity, gives him a life-changing assignment:

“Satoshi, you’ll play the leading role during this year’s Ryokufuu Fest.”

Follow Satoshi on his journey to make the festival a success, all the while strengthening his bonds and finding love in his rose-colored student life. Now, let the curtain rise on the gentle, sweet love story of My Fair Princess!

Choose Your Mistress

Katsuranomiya Academy, a private school for only the richest of ladies.
Tsubaki Naoya, freshly enrolled in the apprentice butler course, finds himself having to serve the Cinq Roses, the five ladies who truly are the elite of the elite.

First is the Rose Princess of Steel, an accomplished and beautiful lady who is first in line to the throne of a country her family has ruled for millennia.
Second is the Rose Princess of Mischief, a lover of romance and jokes, and the only daughter to the president of one of the world’s largest financial groups.
Third is the Rose Princess of Doctrine, daughter of an archbishop, a devout Christian, but held back by her extreme androphobia.
Fourth is the Rose Princess of Grace, daughter of one of Hollywood’s biggest actresses, with a love for all things Japanese, especially martial arts.
Fifth is the Rose Princess of the Heavens, a relative of the Imperial Family, and an old friend of Naoya’s. She’s grown up considerably since they last met.

Pleased with Naoya, each lady requests that he serves as their butler. However, it turns out they all have sadistic or masochistic tendencies!

Will the mistress you choose to serve be an S or an M?
Will you manage to stay your course through to graduation while serving your mistress?
From today on, you will be at your chosen mistress’ beck and call…

Nukitashi (Working Title)

So you’re trapped on an island straight out of a porno, but you’re a virgin and a firm believer in true romance. Now ask yourself: is this a utopia, or a dystopia? The answer seems clear enough. Then what do you do? Obviously, you gather all your friends who don’t want to be fucked senseless and raise the flag of rebellion!

Onii Kiss: Onii-chan, Where’s my Kiss?

“Onii-chan, let’s kiss a whole lot today, okay?”
I was still a child when I noticed something was off about our house rules.
Perhaps thanks to the influence of our mother, the kiss demon, my four sisters and I would take pretty much any excuse we could to share a kiss.
Good morning kisses, goodnight kisses, and of course, kisses before picking up a call or going to the bathroom.
Since they were all girls and I was the only man in the house, the rules said they had to kiss me.
But one day, I was forced to move to a separate house in order to study.
My sisters were supposed to bring me a late-night snack to help me focus on my studies, but when the time came to decide who would do it, strife ensued.
Thanks to that, a new house rule was introduced:
“The one who gets the most kisses today gets to bring Onii-chan his snack!”
And so, the sweetness of my kiss-filled life with my precious little sisters grew a little more intense.
Would this be the start of a new stage in our loving family life? Would I deepen my bond with one of them, or…?


That’s all for our announcements! I’ll be back with percentages for everything on Monday!