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2 years ago (Aug 30th, 2018) by tbac

New Announcement – The DareSora series!

Sol Press & Anagram are delighted to announce their new partnership in bringing the DareSora series to a worldwide audience! Check out the reveal trailer below for yourself, then read on to find out what it’s all about!

The Story of DareSora

Haruka Tendou looked up to the sky and made his two wishes.

First, he wanted to know the truth.
And second, he wanted someone back.

Luna, ruler of Eclipse, was the only being powerful enough to grant his grief-filled plea.
But first, with his soul hanging in the balance, he had to complete the Oracles she demanded of him.

This is the tale of the war between Haruka and Luna.
The tale of Haruka’s solitary war.

No one will know the tears he sheds.

What’s in Volume 1?

“We know of no creature more selfish than humans.”

Haruka Tendou has made up his mind.

Week after week, Luna imposes her heartless Oracles on him.
This week’s Oracle makes all his past trials pale in comparison, but Haruka must see it through.

For if he doesn’t complete his Oracle, the cruelest of punishments awaits him.

So, aiming to clear his first Oracle, he sets his sights on his friends.

Week Six: A Weekend In Eclipse — Difficulty: Half Moon

Volumes? What’s the deal here?

DareSora is a series split up into volumes by developer design. New volumes will come out every few months and cost less than a coffee. Think of it a bit like a manga, but taking advantage of the unique possibilites offered by the Visual Novel format.

At Sol Press it will be our goal to bring you each chapter as close to the Japanese release as possible, starting with our plans to bring you Volume 1 within a month of its release in Japan.