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8 months ago (Jun 25th, 2018) by tbac

Sol Press Weekly Roundup 06/25/2018 – Light Novel Physicals Preview!

Hello all! We have some exciting information to share with you today: The first batch of physical editions for Strongest Gamer: Let’s Play in Another World Volume 1 and Battle Divas: The Incorruptible Battle Blossom Princess are being sent out! We’re excited to take you for a behind-the-scenes look, coming right up after our weekly update!



Visual Novels:

Newton and the Apple Tree:

  • Translation & Editing & QA Complete
  • Launching as soon as we get through Steam approval
  • First stretch goal translated and edited. Will be launching a few months after the main game.
  • Backerkit locked down.


  • Translation & Editing Wrapping up
  • QA Starting
  • Launch window changed to Q3 2018
  • Demo available HERE

Sakura Sakura:

  • Up-scaling and programming in progress
  • Releasing ASAP, with Kickstarter Exclusive Beta prior

Light Novels:

Physical copies of Strongest Gamer and Battle Divas finished printing, being sent out to Amazon now!

Behind-the-Scenes, Printing

Not many people know the inner workings of printing and developing books! We’ve taken some pictures of our most recent print run to give you a much closer look at what goes into the entire process.

Colored Illustrations

When it comes to light novels, images and image quality are very important. We made sure to use very high-quality, glossed paper for all our colored illustrations in order to ensure that they’re as beautiful as can be.

Printing on Sheets

As you can see, each print run uses a lot of paper. Each of these needs to be cut and glued together with the colored illustrations and the book covers in order to make the finished product.

Putting it all Together

After all the pages have been cut, organized, and glued together, the books are ready to go. After checking to make sure that there weren’t any issues putting them all together, all that’s left is to get them ready to ship out.

Finished Product

When everything is ready, there are a whole lot of books that need to be packed up and shipped out. The huge pile of books is neatly packed into boxes and sent off to Amazon, where they will be sorted and distributed to all those who have pre-ordered copies.

And that’s how the books get printed! They’re en route to Amazon right now, so they should be getting sent out very soon. Look forward to them!

All of our books are currently printed in the USA, more specifically southern California. You may have noticed that our physical books are currently not available in foreign stores such as Amazon just yet. Each region requires its own logistical infrastructure in order to maintain consistency, quality, and speed. We’re constantly working on this, and we will be quickly expanding to overseas markets over the next year.