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9 months ago (Jun 5th, 2018) by tbac

Sol Press Weekly Roundup – 06/05/18

Hi guys! Welcome to the first Sol Press Weekly Roundup. We’re doing away with individual project posts for non-kickstarted games as it’s tough to fill them with interesting content each week, and this way you can get all the exciting news in one easy to access place! Keep your eyes out each Monday which is when we hope to publish these posts in the future.

Visual Novels:

Newton and the Apple Tree:

  • Translation & Editing Complete
  • QA on last route
  • Launching early this month, Steam approval permitting


  • Translation: 93% Editing: 84%
  • Planned July launch
  • Demo awaiting approval

Sakura Sakura:

  • Up-scaling and programming in progress
  • Releasing ASAP, with Kickstarter Exclusive Beta prior

Light Novels:

:smirk: Soon™