Sol Press was originally formed in February 2017 and is located in Orange County, California. Formed with the intention of localizing light novels, manga, and visual novels, our company is built on four basic principles:

  1. Maintain constant communication with any original developers, as well as the customers.
  2. Give the customer what they pay for, no extra costs.
  3. Fan input is key; listen to criticisms and fix what’s broken.
  4. Expand the industry.

In order to maintain constant communication, we talk to the original developers on a daily basis in order to keep them updated with the specifics of our projects. For the fans, we provide weekly updates on every project and announce all major events.

We don’t believe that customers should have to pay for patches or other content that was included with the original game. We provide free updates and patches through our system, and work with the original developers to maintain this.

It’s always important to listen to critique; even minor criticisms can help us find and address potentially larger issues. We want our customers to have the best experience possible, so if there’s room for improvement, it’s worth working toward.

Our aim is to expand the industry and bring new readers into the market. We’ll never settle for what we have, there are millions of potential fans out there that just need an introduction.